January 4 - January 13



MBA 5020  

International Experience


Luxurious Tourism Supply Chains

Medical Tourism



This course will focus on the supply chain concept of "cradle to grave" in the Thai tourist industry. Students will study international supply chain strategies of a global hospitality brand company. 


On this trip, students will: 

  • Visit and experience the vitality of major cities, including Bangkok and Pattaya. 

  • Tour major attractions in Bangkok and Pattaya and immerse themselves in the tourism industry. 

  • Have the opportunity to visit and shadow with top executives to explore international internship opportunities

  • Enjoy five-star hospitality services such as villas, Thai food, a cruise dinner, and luxury amenities.


Course Goals and Objectives: 

  • Trip seminars will illuminate the challenges associated with operating a global business outside the United States market and specifically in Thailand.

  • Students will develop an introduction to the business environment of Thailand.